M-DISC™ from Millenniata, Inc. - The World's First Permanent Optical Archival Solution.

Avail of new technology that safely stores data on an optical disc permently and can be read back in any standard DVD player.

What makes the M-DISC™ different?
The M-DISC™ is constructed of inorganic, synthetic materials that preserve data permanently. These materials cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. It is as if data were etched in “stone.”
In addition to preserving data permanently, the M-DISC™ is designed to be backward compatible with standard DVD drives. Once data is stored on the M-DISC™ it is readily accessible using a common DVD drive.
The unique materials used in the M-DISC™ require a new disc drive technology to engrave data permanently. The M-DISC™ and the M-Writer™ drive have been designed and optimized to work as one to etch data into the permanent synthetic stone layers within the M-DISC™.

The M-WRITER™ Drive

Optimal Performance
The M-Writer™ drive is designed exclusively for the M-DISC™. This system focus eliminates common problems caused by drive/disc interactions. Because of this focus on performance, the data etched on the M-DISC™ starts out clear and sharp, enabling current DVD drives to read the written M-DISC™.

Laser-Etching Data
Etching the rock-hard data layer encased in the M-DISC™ requires more power than is available in a typical optical disc drive. An optimized laser and optical system is combined with unique control algorithms in the M-Writer™ drive to meet the rigorous performance requirements of etching digital data into “stone.” 

The design of the M-Writer drive reflects Millenniata, Inc.’s focus on durability. While the M-Writer™ drive probably won’t last as long as the data on the M-DISC™, it should outlast most other optical disc drives. For example, with an Anti-Dust design, the chassis insulation aids in the protection of the drive’s internal components from dust and small particles that can hinder the drive’s operability and lifespan. 

Preserving data for the ages shouldn’t be a difficult task and the M-Writer™ drive reflects that philosophy. It is a plug-and-play archiving solution for multiple platforms and is compatible with off-the-shelf DVD burning software. It has been tested with the most widely distributed packages, including Roxio®, Nero®, Windows® Vista, 7, and Mac® DVD burning software.

Selling Points

  • M-DISC™ preserves data permanently with physical changes in data layer.
  • M-DISC™ is constructed with rock-hard materials known to last permanently.
  • M-DISC™ is backwards-compatible on standard DVD drives.
  • M-DISC™ are exclusively written by the M-WRITER™ drive.
  • M-WRITER™ Drive is specifically designed to etch permanent data onto the M-DISC™.
  • M-WRITER™ Drive is tuned to the M-DISC™ to get the maximum performance benefit.
  • M-WRITER™ Drive is a portable external drive that is offered with an industry-standard USB 2.0 Interface.
  • M-WRITER™ Drive is compatible with off-the-shelf burning software.

Summary Technical requirements

requirement details
requires a PC with this technologyUSB 2.0
easy to read list of supported OSsMicrosoft Windows 7, Vista or XP, Apple Mac OSX, Linux
operational temperature range+5 celcius to +45 celcius
operational humidity range5% to 85% (with no condensation)

Note from Support

M-WRITER™drive is ONLY for reading AND writing M-DISC™ disks NOT normal blank data DVDs
M-DISC™ disks CAN be read in any standard DVD drive though.

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