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Report Software Piracy

Report Software Piracy Report Software Piracy
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Intellectual Property

Respecting intellectual property rights laws benefits everyone. It strengthens economies, creates job opportunities, protects honest workers from losing their jobs to criminals, stimulates technological progress, and gives customers the genuine software experience they deserve while protecting them from becoming victims.

According to The Republic of Ireland is the largest software exporter in the World and the Information Technology industry employs approx 98,000 people.

What is Piracy ?

Software piracy is the mislicensing, unauthorized reproduction and illegal distribution of software, whether for business or personal use.

What kinds of Piracy are there and what risks are associated with them ?

Criminal and Conterfeit

This is where professinal criminals sell unsuspecting victims goods that appear genuine but are not. Obtaining software this way entails all same risks as dealing with criminals for any other reason along with the risk that the software will not be operational and you will not be entitled to any support. Many criminal software pirates also make extra money by being paid to distribute malware with their products. This malware can be used to spy on you to steal identity information and passwords and to secretly use your computer for other criminal activities such sending spam, distributing illegal images and video or decrypting stolen passwords and credit card codes. Your unwitting involvement in such activities may also leave you open to threats and blackmail.

Casual Copying

This is where a friend or colleague gives you a copy of an application. Despite persistent rumours to the contrary this is in fact illegal. Casual copiers are statisticaly more likely to have PCs infected with malware. Any discs they burn for you or email attachment sent to you should be treated with that in mind. As proof of purchase is often required for techincal support you will not be able to benefit from free technical support and critical upgrades.

P2P or Filesharing

This is where pirated applications are uploaded to a global network where anyone can download a copy of them. Malware distribution and Identity Theft are major criminal operations and P2P networks are an ideal way for them to distribute their dangerous software. Very often files downloaded from such networks will pass all security checks because they look like normal software.

License Compliance

Did you end up with Pirated Software ?

Orlogix has no interest in legally persuing the victims of criminal piracy or casual copying. If you think you may have paid for pirated counterfeit software please contact us is confidence. We can help verify your vendor, the software and advise you on how to safely remove the suspect software and become licence compliant. Software piracy is a crime and we would strongly advise you to also contact your local police authorities.

How many licenses do I need ?

Unfortunately there are many different licencing methods in use. Orlogix tries to use the simplest ones that best suit our customers. For full details on what licences you require (and any discounts you may be entitled to!) for any specific situation please contact us.

Internal Compliance

Orlogix performs regular internal audits to ensure they we not using any unlicensed sofware or other media.


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